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Wembley Stadium Parking | Our Top Tips for Visiting Wembley in 2024!

We wanted to keep this Wembley stadium parking info as simple as possible for you. You want locations, and you want prices. You don’t need all the rest of the fluff, and I don’t want to write it either. Below, we go through the best Wembley parking spots 1 by 1, and then summarise with a nice and organised graphic for you to take a look at.

Parking fees and availability can change depending on event days and non-event days, so we’re going to talk about both to avoid confusion on the day.If you want to skip to the end, feel free to click on the summary at the right hand side. Sound good? Let’s get started.

So, what are the Wembley Stadium Parking Options in 2024?

Official on-site parking

Wembley Stadium offers a couple of different official parking options for visitors on event days. These car parks are labelled by colours: Red, Pink, Green and Blue. Below you can see these car parks labelled.

These official Wembley car parks get extremely busy on event days, so we recommend booking in advance to ensure you find a space on the day of the event. Be prepared to pay a big fee though, as prices start from £16.50. Check the table below to see prices. You can book your Wembley Stadium parking here:

We really recommend that you book these parking spots months in advance, as we can see that spaces are already selling out for football away days that are happening at the end of 2023. If you are looking for Wembley parking for events that are sold out, keep reading for some unofficial parking spots below.

wembley stadium parking layout
wembley stadium parking prices

Just Park parking near Wembley Stadium

Just Park is a great option for pre-booking parking. With plenty of spots to choose from, be sure to check out what they have to offer. 

As a lot of the parking spots are local residents’ driver ways, you can often find parking closer to Wembley Stadium than some of the official car parks. Prices and availability does vary depending on when and where you book, so take a look at the options using the link below:

📍 Address: Varies

⏱️ Distance to ground: Varies

💵 Average cost: £7

🗓️ Opening hours: N/A

Book here

Your Parking Space parking near Wembley Stadium

Similarly to Just Park, Your Parking Space allows you to book parking on driveways in and around Wembley Stadium. Again, this allows you to park really close to the ground, which is ideal for those late night events and matches. 

Prices and availablity varies depending on time and place of booking, and you can check those out by using the link below:

📍 Address: Varies

⏱️ Distance to ground: Varies

💵 Average cost: £7

🗓️ Opening hours: N/A

Book here

Your Parking Space Wembley Stadium

Private Car Parks near Wembley Stadium

There are a number of private car parks close to Wembley Stadium that you can book in advance or pay on the day. Some popular private car parks near Wembley Stadium include the Empire Way Car Park, the London Designer Outlet Car Park, and the Wembley Park Car Park. We’ve included a little table below of where these car parks are, as well as how much they cost for event day parking and everyday parking.

Wembley stadium parking pricing

Street Parking near Wembley Stadium

Street parking is also available near Wembley Stadium, but it is important to note that there are restrictions and regulations in place. Some streets near the stadium have parking restrictions in place during event days, so it is important to check the signage and time restrictions before parking. Additionally, some streets require a resident parking permit, which is not available to non-residents. You can take a look at all the relevant restriction information by visiting the local council website here.

You can also check out the available parking slots on Just Park by clicking here. We’ve included a screenshot of the map below, but you’ll need to follow the link to book.

wembley stadium private parking
Source: Just Park

Everyday Wembley Parking

If you’re visiting on a non-event day, thankfully prices are much lower for parking.The official Wembley Park Car Park offers parking from as little as £2 for one hour, or £1 per hour after this. There are also several private car parks and street parking options available near the stadium. It is important to note that parking restrictions and regulations may still apply on non-event days, so it is recommended to check the signage and time restrictions before parking. Like we mentioned earlier, you need to check the local council information for parking regulations in advance. Additionally, some streets require a resident parking permit, which is not available to non-residents.

wembley park everyday parking
  1. Red Car Park | HA9 0GG | Get directions here
  2. Pink Car Park | HA9 0HX | Get directions here
  3. Gold Car Park | HA9 0BU | Get directions here

Public Transport

Another great option is making the most of London’s impressive transport system. I’ve travelled to Wembley a fair few times and, despite the matchday crowds, I’ve always found the public transport to run smoothly. 

In addition to the already pricey parking, new London regulations means anyone driving a car in any London Borough will be subject to a £12.50 ULEZ charge.

Depending on the direction you’re heading from, I’d recommend driving part of the way and then catching the train/tube for the final section of your journey.

The Official Wembley Website have a great tool to help plan your visit which I’ve found really useful in the past. The video below also provides some useful insights into getting to the ground!

Wembley Stadium Parking Recommendation

So that just about covers everything you need to know about parking for Wembley Stadium. I know that’s quite a lot of information to comprehend, so here’s my recommendation.

Book MONTHS in advance at one of the official car parks – either Red or Pink. Not only are these car parks within walking distance of the stadium, but when booked in advance, day rates are very reasonable. As expected, official Wembley Stadium parking is very popular, so you really need to be planning far ahead to make use of them. If you find that parking for the event you are attending is sold out, remember that you can always check out local street parking. You can also consider other transport options, such as taking the tube.


Wembley offers a variety of official parking options – Red, Pink, Green and Blue. Check out this link to book in advance. Other private car parks are also available.

On non-event days, parking prices start at £2 and increases by £1 by each hours. On event days, prices start at a flat rate of £16.50. Remember to always book in advance to find the cheapest deals.

There are a number of Wembley parking options available on event days. You can check out the full list here:

As long as you book in advance, parking at Wembley stadium is easy. You can find out the best parking near Wembley Stadium here:

Jacob Robinson is a lifelong Forest fan born and raised in Nottingham. Having experienced some of the best football stadiums, he aims to write accurate and resourceful information for travelling fans to ensure a smooth football away day experience.

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