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Old Trafford Parking | Our 9 Best Tips for Visiting Manchester United

Old Trafford

Looking for Old Trafford Parking tips? We’ve got you covered. Visiting any football stadium on a match-day can be chaos, let alone Premier League giants Manchester United.

If you’re looking to travel to the ground via Car, it can be confusing where to park especially if you’re money conscious! We’ve compiled a list of our Top Tips as well as a list of the best car park’s for your visit to Old Trafford Stadium!

Whether you live near Manchester or you’re travelling from Southampton, this blog aims to make football away days just a little easier! So, before we get into it, use the map below to familiarise yourself with where Old Trafford is!

Where are the best Old Trafford Parking spots?

Pre-booked Parking Spaces

If you’re an organised person, unlike myself, and you like to plan ahead then pre-booking a car parking space is an excellent option. You have a few different options when pre-booking spaces. Old Trafford parking offer match day parking on their website with prices usually being around £12 for the duration of the game. We’d recommend checking here early, if you don’t mind paying that much for parking, as parking permits can quickly set out at the ground due to the convenience.

Ring Go logo

A great app to have in general is RingGo, especially if you are fine with on-street parking. Trafford council offer a variety of spots in nearby locations which you can pay for as you park. However, these are usually filled up extremely quickly! Don’t be reluctant to park a bit further away from Old Trafford as you can always catch the bus or the other means of public transport available to you.

JustPark is another great website to check out, informing you of available spots in the area that you can reserve. This is a great alternative if both Old Trafford and Trafford Council spots are all taken.

Just Park Stamford Bridge

📍 Distance to ground: Varies

💵 Average cost: £6.80

Book here

Incom Group Manchester United Car Park

This CCTV supervised car park is in walking distance to the Stadium at around 200 metres away. This parking venue operates on a first come first serve basis so if you are looking to park here, get down early!

I’ve personally used the Incom Group car park before and, overall, I had a good experience using it. My top tip would be arrive early – this car park fills up extremely quickly!

The address is: Incom Group, Incom House, Waterside, off Trafford Wharf Road, Manchester M17 1WD

For more information, please visit their website before travelling down to watch The Reds!

Nearby old trafford parking

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Free Parking Opportunities

If you are looking to park free of charge, your best bet is to park further out from the ground and endure a longer walk or catch a ride on the Metro system. Street-parking on a match-day is becoming ever-increasingly impossible! Spaces are either taken up extremely early, or nowadays they are all claimed by the Council which endures a charge.

Free Parking near emirates stadium

Metrolink Manchester

If you’re travelling by Car a great option is to make use of Manchester’s Metrolink system. You can park further out from the ground and pay a cheap tram fare and catch a ride extremely close to Old Trafford. If you’re physically able to walk, this is generally you’re best bet for saving you some money!

Metrolink Manchester

Lancashire Cricket Club

The Old Trafford Cricket ground is open for parking on match-days, and there are also a number of parking lots around this area which are great if you don’t mind then hopping onto the tram.

Old trafford cricket ground

The Trafford Centre

If you’re heading to the Trafford Centre Retail Park for a bit of shopping before the match, you can attempt to park here. Once again, spaces here will be taken up early on during the day. However, if you do manage to get a space, it is only a short journey on the tram to Old Trafford.

The Trafford Centre

Park and Ride

There are a number of Park and Ride locations dotted around Manchester that will take you to Old Trafford. Unfortunately these aren’t free! However, you can usually guarantee a space at one of these and then a trip to Old Trafford via the bus. This isn’t a bad option if you don’t mind the hassle!

I’m personally an avid park and ride user, I think they’re great. At only around £3-5 for your spot, they are extremely useful for matchdays when parking near Old Trafford is always chaos!

Manchester park and ride

St Teresa's School

Pre-bookable car parks are a favourite of mine for matchdays. Located on St Teresa Road, a mere 15 minute walk from the stadium, this primary school offers pre-bookable parking spaces which are regularly patrolled throughout the game for your own peace of mind.

At £15 a space, this certainly isn’t the cheapest option. But if security and convenience are your main priorities, then you can’t go wrong here. 

Spaces can be booked at:

St Teresa's Parking

How Early Should You Arrive at Old Trafford?

From personal experience, I’d recommend heading down to Old Trafford around 2 hours before kick-off. This leaves you with enough time to soak in atmosphere before heading into the stadium, which you can do around 30 minutes before kick-off.

If you’re an away fan or travelling from further away, why not come down to Manchester for the day, or book a hotel for the night? There’s a wide variety of pubs to quench your thirst. Manchester is one of my favourite cities for food, Salt & Pepper in the Northern Quarter is divine… or head down to McDonalds for something simpler.

Below is a summary of all the parking options we’ve discussed:

manchester united parking tips

Goodluck with your Old Trafford Parking!

Unfortunately, due to the enormity of Manchester United and the great attraction they are, parking isn’t easy! Our best advice would be to pre-book a space or to utilise the tram network whether you are coming from the City Centre or a different direction.

Above all, preparation is key! Leave yourself plenty of time for parking as you don’t want to miss any of the game! If you do arrive early, make sure to check out everything Manchester has to offer and soak in some of the pre-match atmosphere! If you are looking to visit the other Manchester giant, Manchester City, be sure to check out our Parking Guide for the Etihad Stadium! We hope you have great success with you Old Trafford Parking, goodluck Reds!


Can I leave my car at Old Trafford and pick it up later?

Answer: Yes, visitors can leave their car at Old Trafford and pick it up later, provided they have paid for the appropriate parking duration. However, overnight parking is not allowed and visitors must remove their vehicles at the end of the event.

What should I do if I lose my parking ticket?

Answer: If you lose your parking ticket, you should contact the car park operator immediately to see if they can help. In some cases, you may be required to pay a lost ticket fee to exit the car park.

Is there disabled parking available at Old Trafford?

Answer: Yes, there is disabled parking available at Old Trafford. Visitors with a disabled parking badge can park in designated disabled parking spots in the official car parks managed by Manchester United.

Can I park overnight at Old Trafford?

Answer: No, overnight parking is not allowed at Old Trafford. Visitors are advised to remove their vehicles from the car park at the end of the event or risk being towed or fined.

Is it safe to park at Old Trafford?

Answer: Yes, it is safe to park at Old Trafford, especially in the official car parks managed by Manchester United. These car parks are secured and monitored to ensure the safety of visitors and their vehicles.

Are there any parking rules or regulations that visitors should be aware of?

Answer: Yes, visitors should be aware of the parking rules and regulations at Old Trafford, including the restrictions on parking in certain areas and the penalties for parking violations. It is important to follow these rules and regulations to avoid any fines or penalties.

What time should I arrive to find a good parking spot at Old Trafford?

Answer: It is recommended to arrive at least two hours before the start of the event to find a good parking spot at Old Trafford. This allows visitors enough time to park their vehicle and make their way to the stadium.

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