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The 5 Manchester United Forums You Need To Join in 2024

With a global fanbase in the millions, Manchester United is one of the most popular football clubs worldwide. Their widespread and dedicated supporters love debating and discussing all things related to the club online. This has led to the creation of numerous fan forums focused on Manchester United over the years. Here we dive into the top 5 largest and most active forums for Manchester United fans looking to connect and engage in in-depth conversation.

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Established in 2000, RedCafe ( is the largest Manchester United fan forum on the internet with over 330,000 registered members. It has an extremely active community that contributes thousands of posts daily across a wide range of discussion boards.

RedCafe is especially renowned for its breaking news section where users analyze and discuss the latest Manchester United transfer news and rumors in detail. Extensive matchday threads that capture the passion and rollercoaster of emotions during games are also very popular. Those feeling nostalgic can head to the history boards to reminisce about past triumphs and club legends.

With its simple old-school bulletin board style and strict moderation, RedCafe remains the go-to forum for the Manchester United obsessed.

United Forum

While smaller than RedCafe with 190,000 members, United Forum ( established in 2004 also boasts a thriving community and daily new content. The forum focuses on thoughtful discussion and level-headed analysis on topics like match tactics, stadium news, and transfer speculation.

United Forum sets itself apart with its modern interface and features that improve usability like reputation systems, filters, and tagging. Its community prides itself on informed debate with less toxicity than some rivals. Podcasts produced by forum members discussing recent Manchester United news are also popular.

Talking Red

As a newer entrant created in 2013, Talking Red ( has quickly grown to exceed 100,000 members who enjoy the forum’s strictly on-topic Manchester United conversations.

With its clean interface, Talking Red opts for streamlined discussions and prohibits trolls and abuse through heavy moderation. Users back up analysis with insightful statistics and match footage. The Matchday Hub capturing fan reactions before, during, and after the latest games is a highlight.

The United Religion

The United Religion ( forum launched in 2006 has a smaller membership of around 30,000 diehard Manchester United fans. But its tighter-knit community allows for deeper connections and familiarity between users.

Discussions stay respectful with strict moderation. Transfer rumours, nostalgic content about club history and legends, as well as lineup and result prediction contests are popular areas. Fans enjoy the higher quality conversations.

Old Trafford Faithful

With 50,000 registered members, Old Trafford Faithful ( established itself soon after launch in 2009 as a hub for social Manchester United fans.

Alongside its breadth of boards on sports, entertainment, travel, and lifestyle, Old Trafford Faithful features extensive Manchester United discussion. Its in-depth player profiles and tactical analysis is unmatched. The lighthearted, banter-filled Chit Chat section strengthens the community atmosphere.

Our Pick for the best Manchester United Fan Forum

While all the forums discussed have their merits and active userbases, if we had to choose one Manchester United forum as the best, our pick would be RedCafe.

With over 330,000 registered members, RedCafe is simply the largest and most active Manchester United fan forum on the web. Since launching in 2000, it has built an extensive archive of content and discussion spanning decades.

For the obsessive Manchester United fan who wants to immerse themselves in conversation about every aspect of the club, from breaking news and transfers to nostalgic content, there is no better forum. The vibrant matchday threads that capture the rush of emotions during games are addictively entertaining.

While other forums may have smarter or more social users, the sheer scale and comprehensive coverage of Manchester United news, analysis, and content on RedCafe is unparalleled. If you bleed red and value non-stop Manchester United discussion, RedCafe is a must-join forum.


What is the most popular Manchester United fan forum?

RedCafe is the largest Manchester United fan forum with over 330,000 registered members. It is the most active community for discussion.

Which Manchester United forum has the most knowledgeable members?

Forums like Talking Red and The United Religion are known for more in-depth, intelligent member analysis backed by statistics and match footage reviews.

Are Manchester United forums free to join?

Yes, all major Manchester United fan forums are free to join and participate in discussions. They generate revenue through advertising and donations.

What rules do Manchester United forums have?

Most forums prohibit trolling, abuse, and extreme negativity. They have moderators who enforce these rules to maintain a friendly community.

Can I chat with other Man Utd fans live?

Some Manchester United forums feature live chat functionality during matches or for quick conversations. But most discussion happens on asynchronous discussion boards.

Can I access Manchester United forums on my mobile?

The top Manchester United forums are mobile-friendly, allowing easy access from iOS or Android smartphones and tablets to stay connected on-the-go.


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