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7 Best Places For Parking Near Tottenham Stadium | 2024

Tottenham Ground

Whether you’re attending a Premier League match or an NFL game, parking near Tottenham Stadium isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best places to park on match day.

If you’ve previously checked out the Official Tottenham Hotspur website, you’ll see that there are no parking spaces for fans available, unless you’re looking for disabled parking.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Before we kick off the list, familiarise yourself with the location of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium below:

So, where are the best places for parking near Tottenham Stadium?

Garman Road Car Park

If you’re looking for somewhere cheap and close to the ground, this car parks for you. Located around a 15 minute walk away from the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, it’ll cost you £3.80 to park here for match day. Which I think is incredibly well-priced considering this is London we are talking about…

The only downside with this option is the size of the car park. Due to fitting only around 40-50 cars in (with some disables spaces), I’d advise you to arrive as early as possible. I’ve personally parked here previously, and I arrived 3 hours before kick-off and it was already started to fill up.

It’s a great option if you fancy a pre-match pint at one of the many pubs in the surrounding area to kill some time before heading to the ground!

37 Garman Road, London Borough of Haringey, London, N17 0HW

Parking near Tottenham Stadium

The Brook School

If you’re looking for the closest possible parking near Tottenham Stadium on match days, then Brook School is ideal. At just over a 5 minute walk away from the ground, it’s extremely close to the stadium which is perfect if you’re travelling with children or people who don’t walk so well.

The only downside (and it is quite a big downside) is the price. You’re looking to pay around £30 for match day parking. Unfortunately, that’s London for you. However, if money isn’t a problem for you, then I highly recommend this spot. In addition, there are some great Tottenham Hotspur pubs nearby, if you fancy a pre-match pint!

It can be pre-booked using their website to secure your spot, and the car park usually opens around 2 hours before kick off.

Brook House Primary School, 881 High Rd, London N17 8EY

School Parking Tottenham Stadium

North Middlesex University Hospital

If you’re looking for free street parking near Tottenham Stadium, you may be able to find some around the grounds of the Hospital. However, I’ve found this to be very hit & miss.

There are also paid parking spots within the Hospital grounds themselves, which you’d be looking to pay around £5 for the duration of the match day. At around a 15 minute walk from the stadium, it’s certainly a great option for Tottenham Hotspur match day parking.

I’ve parked here a few times on my visits to this modern stadium. My top tip would be to get down here as early as possible. It’s a well-known spot for all Spurs fans so it fills up incredibly quickly on match day.

North Middlesex University Hospital, Sterling Way, London N18 1QX

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Hospital Parking Near Tottenham


If you prefer to secure a spot in advance for that extra peace of mind, then JustPark is a great website to use, I personally use it for nearly everywhere I go. Using their website, you can select the date and time which you’ll be visiting, and it’ll show you available spots within a close distance of the ground.

The majority of the time these spaces are within car parks themselves, or on-street parking spots “rented” out by local residents. You’ll be looking to pay anywhere between £15-£30 for matchday parking (not cheap I know!).

I recommend booking as far in advance as possible, this way you can usually secure spots at a better price and as close to the ground as possible.

📍 Distance to ground: Varies

💵 Average cost: £6.80

Book here

Tottenham Hotspur Parking

St Paul's & All Hallows Junior School

Located only a 2 minute walk from the stadium, this is definitely the place to park if you don’t fancy stretching your legs (apart from getting out your seat to grab a pint).

Spaces are pre-bookable here which is great if you like to be organised. However, they do come at a price which is £30 for a car, or £15 on motorbike. While this price seems high, if you’ve got a car full of mates that’s only £6 each so not too bad!

I’ve personally parked here a couple times and my only problem here is it can be busy post-game with the traffic but aside from that, it’s a great option.

Spaces can be pre-booked here

Wood Green & Alexandra Palace Station

Tottenham Hotspur offer a pre-bookable shuttle bus which picks supporters up from Wood Green & Alexandra Palace Station. The service runs every 15 minutes.

If this is of interest to you, there are more parking options available around this area which you can find here. I’ve personally parked at the Mall Wood Green Shopping Centre before, which is a secure multi-storey car park. It charges around £4-£5 for the duration of the match.

Overall, this is a great car parking option if you don’t then mind the hassle of booking a ticket for the shuttle bus.

Tottenham Shuttle Bus

Fleecefield Primary School

Fleecefield Primary is located a 25 minute walk from the stadium, which has it’s pros & cons. Pros: it’s an easy way out after the game has finished to dodge all the traffic. Cons: you have to walk 25 minutes.

However, if you don’t mind burning off some of those pint calories pre & post match, this is a great option for you. I personally like it as it’s patrolled regularly, giving you peace of mind that your car is safe throughout the game. I’ve parked here a few times and never had any troubles, aside from the price which is £20 for those who prebook online. But, that’s London prices for you!

Spaces can be pre-booked at:

Fleecefield Primary School

Restricted Parking Zones

As with every other London Premier League team, parking around the stadium is limited on event and match days due to parking restrictions.

Tottenham Hotspur is situated in a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), which implies that non-residents are prohibited from parking in the area during any Tottenham Hotspur event, except for those with a Blue Badge, which is a parking permit for disabled drivers.

You can see the restricted zone below:

Tottenham Hotspur Restricted Parking Zone

Goodluck With Your Parking Near Tottenham Stadium!

Due to the lack of stadium parking, find parking spaces near the Spurs stadium can be tough! But hopefully after reading this guide, you’re more prepared for your visit to the Tottenham stadium. So, goodluck with your parking Near Tottenham Stadium, enjoy the match and stay safe!

Joe Robinson is a lifelong Manchester United fan with a passion for football and discovering new stadiums. He's a seasoned away day visitor who has extensive knowledge of football-related matters, including food, facilities, and parking arrangements.

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