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3 Best Tips for Parking Near Stamford Bridge | 2024 Guide

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Welcome to our 2023 guide on the best tips for parking near Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea Football Club. Visiting any London club can be a daunting task, let alone Chelsea, but with our expert tips and tricks, you’ll be able to navigate the area like a pro and ensure a stress-free parking experience. 

Whether you’re an avid traveller to London or heading down for the first-time for a football away day, this blog aims to make your day just that little bit easier! Feel free to skip to the end to check out our infographic, which compiles all the information!

So, let’s get into it! Before we start, use the map below to familiarise yourself with Stamford Bridge’s location and the surrounding areas:

So, what are our best tips for Parking Near Stamford Bridge?

Pre-booked Parking Spaces

Unfortunately, Chelsea football club don’t offer any car parking at the Bridge for matchday use, unless you are looking for accessible & disabled parking. However, if you’re an organised person (those of you make to-do-lists for your to-do-lists), pre-booking a car parking space is a great option.

My personal favourite site to use is JustPark. Having used this site for over 4 years now for multiple football away trips, it’s never let me down. Simply enter the date and location of your trip to Stamford Bridge on their website and from their you can view all available car spaces. Spaces are usually within walking distance of the desired location, or you can make use of London’s public transport.

My top tip for using JustPark would be to book early! The closer to the time you leave it, the higher the prices (which usually range between £5-£20).

Another pre-booking site is YourParkingSpace. It operates in a similar way to JustPark and it’s best to use them both in combination to find the best price! I’ve usually found YourParkingSpace to be slightly more expensive… but that might just be my luck!

Just Park Stamford Bridge

Riverside West Car Park

If you’re looking to avoid street parking near Stamford Bridge and you don’t mind a walk, then Riverside West Car Park is your best bet.

Located around a 25 minute walk away from Stamford Bridge, Riverside West charges £8 for 3-4 hours (which will cover you for the entirety of the game). Make sure you arrive here early as it can get full quickly; if you have an hour or two to kill before matchday why not head to a local pub to soak in some pre-match atmosphere?

Lifelong Chelsea Fan Jacob stated that if you’re for a quick getaway post-match, this is the place to park. Due to being located further away from Stamford Bridge, you can avoid a lot of the traffic… and who doesn’t want to do that?

Riverside West Car Park, Riverside West, Smugglers Way, Wandsworth, SW18 1DB

Outside of Riverside West Car park

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

The underground car parks at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (located just off Fulham Road) is a short 10 minute walk from the Chelsea FC stadium.

It’s not cheap, costing around £15. But, that’s London for you. Premier League matchdays fill this car park up very quickly, so if you do choose to park here, it’s best to head down as early as possible.

369 Fulham Rd., London SW10 9NH

Chelsea and Westminster Car Park

Other Advice

Visiting the West London Premier League giants is complicated in terms of parking. Finding free parking near Stamford Bridge is almost impossible. The same goes for on-street parking due to 3 mile parking restrictions around Stamford Bridge.

If you want to avoid the hassle of parking near Stamford Bridge Stadium, another option is to park further away and get the tube. The closest tube station is Fulham Broadway (a larger variety of parking options nearby), only a 3 minute walk from the ground.

car park

Stamford Bridge Parking Tips

From my years of travelling up and down the country to football games, parking near Stamford Bridge has definitely been one of the hardest places to find a spot.

My best tip is to be organised and prepared. It sounds cliche I know. But, with the limited options and help Chelsea FC provide, it’s key to a stress-free matchday experience.

Whether it’s booking a parking space a couple weeks before the match or heading down to London the night before, the key to parking at Stamford Bridge is arriving early. And make sure you make use of the tube system. It can be a little complicated if it’s your first time, but you quickly get used to it.

There are worse places to be to kill some time than London (cough cough Huddersfield…), so if you do arrive early, there’s a great selection of restaurants & bars in London. Or why not do some sightseeing in the area?

Check out this video below which has some great information for visiting Chelsea on match day:

Goodluck with your Parking Near Stamford Bridge!

Stamford Bridge Parking has never been simple. As with every other London based club, if you’re travelling to the game via car, you should try your best to be organised and plan ahead (it’s hard I know!).

Whether you use JustPark or another pre-booking site, this is your best bet for securing a spot on matchday. Most importantly, stay safe, enjoy the game and goodluck with your parking near Stamford Bridge!

Stamford Bridge Parking


What time should I arrive to secure a good parking spot at Stamford Bridge for a Chelsea FC match?

Answer: It is recommended to arrive at least two hours before the start of the Chelsea FC match at Stamford Bridge to increase your chances of finding a good parking spot. This allows sufficient time for parking and reaching the stadium.

What should I do if I misplace my parking ticket at Stamford Bridge?

Answer: If you lose your parking ticket at Stamford Bridge, you should immediately contact the car park operator for assistance. Depending on the car park’s policies, you may be required to pay a lost ticket fee to exit the premises.

Is there designated parking for disabled visitors at Stamford Bridge?

Answer: Yes, Stamford Bridge offers designated parking spots for visitors with a disabled parking badge. These spots are available in the official car parks managed by Chelsea FC.

Is overnight parking allowed at Stamford Bridge?

Answer: No, overnight parking is not permitted at Stamford Bridge. Visitors are advised to remove their vehicles from the car park by the end of the event or risk being towed or fined.

Is parking at Stamford Bridge safe?

Answer: Yes, parking at Stamford Bridge is generally safe, particularly in the official car parks managed by Chelsea FC. These car parks are equipped with security measures and monitoring to ensure the safety of visitors and their vehicles.

Joe Robinson is a lifelong Manchester United fan with a passion for football and discovering new stadiums. He's a seasoned away day visitor who has extensive knowledge of football-related matters, including food, facilities, and parking arrangements.

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