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7 Best Places for Parking Near Etihad Stadium | 2024 Guide

Parking near Etihad Stadium

Welcome to our guide on the 5 Best Tips for Parking Near Etihad Stadium in 2024. These tips can help make finding parking near Etihad Stadium easier for you, whether you’re travelling for a football away day or a concert. They’ll help you park safely, conveniently, and within your budget.

Before we get into it, familiarise yourself with the whereabouts of the Etihad Stadium using the map below:

So, what are our 5 Best tips for Parking Near Etihad Stadium?


I’m personally a huge fan of JustPark and, having used it for years now, it’s never disappointed. If you’re visiting a Manchester City game, you can use the JustPark website to select the date and time you’ll need a parking space and it’ll show you a list of available parking spaces, with their price and distance from stadium shown.

While I love JustPark, it can get expensive if you leave it to the last minute with spaces getting to over £30 (slightly out of my budget…)! However, if you look a couple weeks in advance, you can find some pretty good deals! One of my friends is a life-long Manchester City fan (yes, they do actually exist) and he says this website is the best parking for Etihad Stadium.

📍 Address: Varies

⏱️ Distance to ground: Varies

💵 Average cost: £5

🗓️ Opening hours: N/A

Book here

JustPark Etihad Stadium

Man City Website

If you check out the Official Club Website, they offer Etihad Stadium parking which you need to book in advance. This is done on a match-by-match basis with season ticket holders being offered spaces first. In my experience, this car park usually sells out by the time it gets to General Admission if it’s for a bigger game.

However, if you’re attending a cup game or a smaller match, you can usually get yourself a space in the car park. Pricing works based on how many passengers you have in the car.

It costs £8 if you have two or more passengers, or £10 if you are alone. Bit of a weird concept but I guess it encourages car-sharing which is always a good thing! Check out the Etihad Car Parks Map below.

etihad car parking map

NCP Car Parks

You’ve probably parked in an NCP before or at least seen them, they are everywhere! Matchdays at the Etihad can get packed (sometimes), so sometimes your best bet is to park slightly further away and then make the most of Manchester’s excellent public transport.

The Manchester Central and Oxford Street NCP’s are located around the city centre, perfect for if you’re heading to a pub for a pre-match drink! I’ve parked at both of these numerous times and then caught either the metro or bus to the Etihad which is around a 10-15 minute journey.

You can pre-book a spot, or risk turning up on matchday hoping for the best… Prices are usually between £15-£20 which will cover you for the game and a few hours either side of it. Expensive I know, but in terms of match day parking at the Etihad, it’s a great option.

NCP etihad stadium car parks

Q-Park Piccadilly Place

Located around a 30 minute walk from the stadium, or 10 minute journey on Manchester’s frequent public transport routes, Q-Park Piccadilly Place is a popular parking spot in Manchester City Centre. With over 580 parking spaces, it’s a common spot for travelling away fans who fancy a drink or bite-to-eat in the City Centre before heading to the game. Definitely an option to consider.

I’ve parked here a few times when just visiting Manchester, and it’s similar to that of an NPC car park. Standard rate is £3.20 per hour, so you’ll be looking to pay around £12 for matchday parking.

Q-Park Piccadilly Place, Whitworth Street, Manchester M1 3BS

Q Park Piccadilly Place

Pottery Lane Car Parks

Pottery Lane is located around a 25 minute walk from the stadium, or 5 minute by car. There are a number of matchday car parks located on this road, with prices around £5.

I’ve never managed to park here, however, I’ve heard from other fans that these car parks do get busy, so make sure you get down as early as possible.

It’s also an ideal location for getting out the city quickly after the final whistle, helping you to avoid some post-match traffic.

Pottery Lane, Openshaw, Manchester

Free Parking

If you’re working on a budget, then parking can definitely be expensive. While free-parking options aren’t as close to the stadium, if you don’t mind a bit of a walk to the stadium then they can save you lots of money, especially if you’re a regular matchday attendant.

Your best option for Free Parking near Etihad Stadium is on Riverpark Road. Located around a 15-20 minute walk from the ground, in terms of street parking near Etihad Stadium, this is your best bet.

For your best chances of getting a spot, make sure to arrive a couple hours before kick off. You can head into Manchester and soak up some matchday atmosphere at a local pub or bar.

free parking etihad stadium

Park & Ride

Park and Ride’s are a great way of saving money while also saving yourself a long walk to the stadium. The best park and ride for Etihad Stadium are Velopark and Etihad Campus, both situated in Zone 2. They offer free parking with a return ticket costing just £3.50.

There are also a greater number of park and ride stations in Zone 3, such as Ashton West Park and Ride. These are also great options.

Manchester park and ride

Etihad Stadium Parking Tips

When it comes to the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, it’s not just about finding a parking spot. Having some extra tips can make all the difference for a smooth and stress-free matchday.

I’ve been to the Etihad Stadium many times, and my top tip is to be organised. Manchester is a busy city anyway, and that’s without thousands of fans heading to the Etihad. So, how can you dodge the crazy traffic and snag a parking spot before everyone else?

The secret is being organised. Get to Manchester early. Whether you crash at a hotel near the stadium the night before or set off at the crack of dawn, make sure you arrive 2-3 hours before kick-off. Trust me, it’s essential!

Manchester is one of my favourite cities. They’ve got an awesome selection of restaurants and bars, and the buzz on match day is unreal.

The city’s public transport is top-notch, so don’t be afraid to park in the City Centre and catch a bus. I’ve done it loads of times, especially if I couldn’t find a spot closer to the stadium.

Check out this infographic below for a summary of all parking options:

Goodluck Finding the Best Parking Near Etihad Stadium!

You can easily find affordable and convenient parking options by following these 7 tips. These tips include using free parking, park and ride services, public transport, and booking parking in advance. Check out the video below if you’re a visual learner – it shares some great tips on the best parking places the Etihad Stadium!

By planning ahead and choosing the best parking option that suits your needs, you can avoid stress when parking near Etihad Stadium – stay safe and enjoy matchday!


What time should I arrive to secure a good parking spot at the Etihad Stadium?

Answer: It is recommended to arrive at least two hours before the start of the event at the Etihad Stadium to increase your chances of finding a good parking spot. This allows sufficient time for parking and reaching the stadium.

What should I do if I misplace my parking ticket at the Etihad Stadium?

Answer: If you lose your parking ticket at the Etihad Stadium, you should immediately contact the car park operator for assistance. Depending on the car park’s policies, you may be required to pay a lost ticket fee to exit the premises.

Is there designated parking for disabled visitors at the Etihad Stadium?

Answer: Yes, the Etihad Stadium offers designated parking spots for visitors with a disabled parking badge. These spots are available in the official car parks managed by Manchester City.

Is overnight parking allowed at the Etihad Stadium?

Answer: No, overnight parking is not permitted at the Etihad Stadium. Visitors are advised to remove their vehicles from the car park by the end of the event or risk being towed or fined.

Is parking at the Etihad Stadium safe?

Answer: Yes, parking at the Etihad Stadium is generally safe, particularly in the official car parks managed by Manchester City. These car parks are equipped with security measures and monitoring to ensure the safety of visitors and their vehicles

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