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5 Best Pubs near Elland Road in 2024 | Fan Guide

pubs near elland road

Welcome to our fan guide for 2023, where we explore the best pubs near Elland Road. As the home of Leeds United Football Club, Elland Road attracts passionate fans from all over.

Whether you’re looking for a pre-match pint or a post-game celebration, we’ve got you covered with our curated list of top-notch pubs offering great atmosphere, delicious food, and a wide selection of drinks.

Before we kick-off (excuse the pun), familiarise yourself with the location of Elland Road and the pubs using the map below:

So, what are the best pubs near Elland Road?

The Midnight Bell

Alright, Leeds fans, this ones for you! Off to Elland Road? Get yourself down to The Midnight Bell. Tucked away in the historic Urban Village, it’s a bit of a walk, but worth it (30 minute walk or 5 minute drive). This Leeds Brewery flagship’s got a cracking line-up of ales and craft beers.

Fancy a bite to eat? Their Yorkshire pub grub is top-notch – Sunday dinner’s a winner, and the sticky toffee pudding is ace. With friendly staff and a buzzing atmosphere, you’ll feel right at home. Just watch out – it’s so good, you might forget there’s a match on! So, set a reminder for kickoff, and maybe book a table – it gets busy. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

101 Water Ln, Holbeck, Leeds LS11 5QN

the midnight bell

Howard's Bar Elland Road

Let’s chat about Howards Bar at Elland Road, the exclusive watering hole for away fans. Tucked away in the west stand, the bar is a brilliant pre-match meet-up spot. Plus, it’s in the stadium – can’t get more convenient than that, can ya? Get this, they open the doors three hours before kick-off, so there’s plenty of time for a pint or two before the game​!

I’ve always found the service to be quick and a decent choice of beer inside, can’t ask for much more from a Stadium Bar. Remember, you’ll need an away ticket to enter, so make sure you’ve got that sorted. And here’s a little tip: the bar permits bags sized A4 and under, so pack light!

Leeds away pubs don’t get much better than this, I found the atmosphere to be electric – so make sure to head here on your next Premier League away day at Leeds!

Elland Rd, Beeston, Leeds LS11 0ES

away pubs elland road

The Cross Keys

If you’re making your way from the city centre to Elland Road, make sure to stop by The Cross Keys. In my opinion, it’s not just a gastropub, it’s a proper boozer serving up some stunning grub and a top-tier selection of local ales and craft beers, including some epic Belgian bottles.

Only a 7-minute drive or a 30-minute walk from the stadium, this early 19th-century gem, with its stone floors and exposed brick walls, offers a warm, genuine welcome and top-notch service​​. I found the atmosphere is always buzzing with great music in the background – not too loud, just enough to give you that feel-good vibe.

Did I mention the food? The kitchen churns out locally-sourced dishes every day, but the pies here are a game-changer. Also, if you’re there on a Sunday, don’t miss out on the traditional roast​. The majority of fans here support Leeds, however, I’ve always found away fans to be welcomed as long as behaviour is respectful.

107 Water Ln, Holbeck, Leeds LS11 5WD

Leeds United pub

The Drysalters

Let’s chat about The Drysalters, a pub that’s a mere 10-minute walk from Elland Road. Now, let me set the stage – imagine a footie-friendly pub, Leeds shirts and scarves all over the place, local ales and craft beer, and traditional pub grub that won’t break the bank.

Travelling to the Leeds United match by car and need a place to park the car? Sorted. Fancy a bit of live music or some post-match banter? They’ve got you covered. The atmosphere on match day is absolutely buzzing, and the food and drinks are spot on. It’s the kind of joint where you’ll find yourself chanting, “We’re not leaving!” when the final whistle blows.

They do also allow away fans in, once again, as long as you behave respectfully. From my experience of travelling here over the years, this pubs never let me down.

Elland Rd, Beeston, Leeds LS11 8AX

the drysalters

The Old Peacock

If you’re looking for Leeds United pubs, this ones for you. Situated just a stone’s throw away from Elland Road, The Old Peacock offers an unmatchable experience for Leeds United fans. Open seven days a week, this pub is a crucial part of the matchday routine for many Leeds’ fans​. As a home fans only pub, it’s got that authentic buzz that makes it the perfect place to get into the spirit of the game. The atmosphere on matchdays is second to none, and even on off-days, there’s a cozy charm about the place that keeps me coming back​.

And then there’s the beer. With a choice of real ales, ciders, and spirits, there’s always something for everyone. They even have their own Leeds United lager on matchdays. Plus, their food game is strong too. British and Thai cuisines come together in a delightful fusion, with standouts like the steaks, sausages, and pork pie. And trust me, you’ll want to save room for the pudding​.

The Old Peacock is one of those pubs that just feels like home. It’s a place to gather with fellow fans, share in the highs and lows of the game, and enjoy some top-notch food and drinks in the process. Whether you’re a die-hard Leeds fan or just someone who appreciates a good pub, The Old Peacock is well worth a visit. This is definitely one of the best pubs near Elland Road.

251 Elland Rd, Beeston, Leeds LS11 8TU

The Old Peacock

Enjoy one of these pubs near Elland Road!

So, whether you’re a home or away supporter, there’s a place for everyone when visiting Leeds for a match. My best piece of advice would be to always arrive early to soak in the pre-match atmosphere and to avoid the crowd. As always, stay safe, enjoy the match and check out one of these pubs near Elland Road.


Where do away fans drink at Elland Road?

Away fans drink at Howards Bar, which is located within the ground itself. They do require an away ticket to be present in order to be allowed in.

What streets in Leeds have the best bars?

Greek Street is an extremely popular street for bars in Leeds. The city centre in general is home to some great bars that football fans attend on matchdays.

What beer do they sell at Elland Road?

At Elland Road, they sell Heineken, Amstel, and my personal favourite: Theakston Pale Ale. They also offer a wide variety of other soft drinks if you’re not a fan of beer.

How much are drinks at Elland Road?

The average pint price at Elland Road is £3.50, surprisingly cheap in comparison to other venues across English football.

Joe Robinson is a lifelong Manchester United fan with a passion for football and discovering new stadiums. He's a seasoned away day visitor who has extensive knowledge of football-related matters, including food, facilities, and parking arrangements.

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