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Best Parking Near Elland Road on Matchdays in 2023

Parking near elland road

Looking for the best parking near Elland Road? We’ve got you covered. If you’re planning to attend an event at Elland Road, the famous football stadium in Leeds, we understand that finding convenient and secure parking can be a challenge.

In this guide, we will explore various parking options near Elland Road, providing you with essential information to ensure a hassle-free experience. Get ready to discover the best parking spots that will make your visit to Leeds United a breeze!

So, before we get into it, check out the map below to familiarise yourself with the location of Elland Road Stadium below:

So, where is the best parking near Elland Road?


I’ve personally used JustPark for a number of years now, whether I’m visiting Manchester United’s Old Trafford or Elland Road. And it’s never let me down. Using the link below, all you need to do is book a car parking spot.

There’s usually a mixture of on-street parking and secure car parks that are available to book a space at. The closer to the stadium, usually the more you pay. My top tip for JustPark is always to book as far in advance is possible. Prices can fluctuate and go up closer to matchday.

On average, you’d be looking to pay between £15-£20 for a parking spot for matchday (not cheap I know!). So, if you’re an organised person (unlike myself), make sure to check out JustPark.

Elland Road Just Park

The Old Peacock

The Old Peacock is one of my favourite pubs in the area (despite it being for home fans only) and making it even better is the car park situated outside. It’s the perfect place for Leeds Fans to enjoy a pre-match drink. Make sure to check out our Leeds United Pubs guide for other places to visit pre or post match!

It’s located just a stone’s throw away from the Leeds United stadium, which is perfect if you’re not a fan of a long walk. Parking here will set you back £5 which is great value for money.

Overall, this is a great option for parking near Elland Road on matchday.

251 Elland Rd, Beeston, Leeds LS11 8TU

The Old Peacock

Leeds United Car Parking

If you’re not one for walking any distance, this car park is for you. Car park A can be accessed via Lowfields Road at the East Stand. It’s predominantly used by away fans as this is where the away fan coaches arrive on matchday. You’ll be looking at paying around £6 per car – pretty well priced in my opinion.

I’ve personally parked here a couple times and I’ve always found it very useful. It’s easy to located and there’s not too much traffic when escaping post-match. There’s 230 spaces here which do fill up pretty quickly so I’d advise arriving early and heading for a drink somewhere! This is the best Elland Road Parking away fans spot.

Leeds United car parking

Fullerton Car Park

Located just a 5 minute walk away from Elland Road, Fullerton Car Park is home to over 700 spaces. It costs £5 to park here and is definitely one of my preferred choices for parking at Elland Road, especially if it’s a busy matchday (big games).

I found that it’s not the perfect car park in terms of road surface due to having quite a few potholes, so if you’re extra cautious about a scratch on your car – I’d probably park somewhere else. But in general, I’ve had no complaints parking here.

Beeston, Leeds LS11 0ES

fullerton road car park

Junction One Retail Park

If you’re looking to get your steps in before the game, Junction One Retail Park is the place to park. Situated around a 20 minute walk from the stadium, it’s located just off the M621 on the Beeston Ring Road – perfect if you’re heading from this direction.

Matchday parking will cost you around £6 here. However, be mindful that this is at a shopping centre – and it can get pretty hectic on weekends. However, there’s over 600 spaces so if you get down early enough you’ll be able to secure a spot.

There’s also a few restaurants here, if you fancy a bite to eat before heading to the ground!

Junction 1 Retail Park, Ring Rd, Leeds LS11 0BD

retail park near elland road

Elland Road Park and Ride

With over 1,350 parking spaces priced at just £3 for the bus ticket, it’s really no surprise that the Park and Ride is extremely popular for fans visiting the Leeds United stadium.

I’ve used the park and ride multiple times and it’s always been efficient and extremely useful if you’re on a budget. It’s located opposite Elland Road Police Station, or if you’re heading from the M621 you can exit at Junction 2.

At £3 per passenger, you really can’t complain. Because of this, this makes it one of my favourite options for parking.

LS11 0EB

Elland Road Park and Ride

Goodluck with your parking near Elland Road!

Finding the best parking near Elland Road is crucial for a stress-free and enjoyable visit to the iconic stadium. By exploring the various parking options we’ve highlighted in this guide, you can save time, secure your vehicle, and focus on enjoying the event.

Remember to plan ahead, stay safe, enjoy the game and find the best parking near Elland Road!


Where to park on Elland Road Matchday?

The car parks surrounding the stadium are managed by Leeds City Council. The costs are £6 for cars, £12 for mini buses, and £20 for coaches. The main car park at Elland Road can be accessed via Lowfields Road at the far end of the East Stand.

Can I park at Elland Road Park and Ride?

Yes, you can park at Elland Road Park & Ride. It offers a substantial number of free parking spaces, 1,350 to be exact, located adjacent to the football club. It’s situated opposite the Elland Road Police Station on the A643 and can be accessed directly from the M621, exiting at Junction 2. The postcode is LS11 0EB​

Where can I park at Elland Road Away fans?

For away fans, Car Park “A” is recommended. It’s situated right next to Elland Road and is often used by away fan coaches, leading to less traffic when leaving after the match. Another option is Fullerton Car Park (postcode: LS11 8TZ), a sizeable car park within a 3-minute walk of Elland Road​.

Where can I park for free in Leeds?

There are several roads with free parking near Leeds city centre. These include Bath Road, Kendal Bank, Pilot Street, Whitelock Street, Balm Walk, Pleasant Street, and Meynell Approach. For more specific locations, you may want to use a mapping service to find these roads and other free parking spots around Leeds.

Joe Robinson is a lifelong Manchester United fan with a passion for football and discovering new stadiums. He's a seasoned away day visitor who has extensive knowledge of football-related matters, including food, facilities, and parking arrangements.

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