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The 5 Best Pubs near Villa Park | 2023 Fan Guide

pubs near villa park

Welcome to our guide, where we will be showcasing our carefully selected list of the best  pubs near Villa Park. If you’re a football fan planning to attend a match at the stadium, you’ll definitely want to know the best places to enjoy a pint or two, either pre-match or post-match.

Fortunately, Birmingham, is known for its broad array of pubs, and we’ve put in the hard work to present you with the top five Aston Villa pubs in the area. Just be ready to go through your paycheck.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional footballing pub or a vibrant sports bar, our 2023 Fan Guide has got your pre-match or post-match experience covered! So sit back, relax, and plan your perfect pub journey with our guide to the best pubs near Villa Park.

Before we get started, familiarise yourself with a map of the pubs below:

So, what are the Best pubs near the Villa Park?

The Aston Tavern

Located conveniently in the heart of Birmingham, a mere 5 minute walk away from Villa Park, the Aston Tavern is an excellent place for a pre-match pint if you’re an Aston Villa fan. This beautifully restored Victorian public house offers a selection of local ales match-day snacks, as well as a bouncing atmosphere. As its name suggests, it’s an a great choice for traditional pub lovers looking for a nearby pint.

It’s also an ideal choice if you’re driving, as it’s situated just a short stroll from ample parking space. Don’t forget to check out our Aston Villa Parking guide on Fan Lounge too.

The pre-match atmosphere here is more “classic pub” than typical Aston Villa pubs, but it’s a fantastic spot to soak up the match-day excitement. It can get crowded, so it’s advisable to arrive early!

Having been to the Aston Tavern myself, I can see that the atmosphere here on a match-day is superb and pints are cheap too – definitely one of the best pubs near Villa Park!

The Aston Tavern, 10 Aston Hall Rd, Birmingham B6 7FF

aston tavern pubs near villa park

The Yew Tree

Located conveniently in Witton, and just a short distance from Villa Park, the Yew Tree pub is a wonderful option for a pre-match pint if you’re attending an Aston Villa game. This pub has bags of character and also offers a fantastic selection of local ales, lagers and a variety of filling match-day meals! As you can see if the picture below, The Yew Tree is full of character, and definitely worth a visit on match-day.

Featuring a big beer garden and all the live football you could want, it’s the perfect place to absorb the match-day atmosphere. Bear in mind, it’s a favourite among locals and fans alike, so it’s always wise to arrive early to secure a spot.

The Yew Tree, 23 Brookvale Road, Witton, Birmingham, B6 7AR

the yew tree pubs near villa park

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The Witton Arms

The Witton Arms is one of the best options for away fans looking for pubs near Villa Park.. Boasting a vibrant atmosphere and plentiful indoor space, this pub has everything you might need. Live sports, an impressive range of drinks, and food – what more could you ask for?

There’s a diverse variety of classic pub food available to accompany your pints. Its location near the away stand makes it an advantageous spot for those heading to Villa Park. Unlike some pubs near the stadium, the Witton Arms also welcomes away fans – making it one of the top picks near Villa Park for football away days.

The Witton Arms, Witton Lane, Birmingham B6 6SN

The Sacred Heart Club

Having reopened in 2019, The Sacred Heart Club remains one of the most popular spots for Villa fans seeking pubs near Villa Park. Located within a stones throw of the stadium, we would definitely recommend taking in the atmosphere of a match-day here!

For those who enjoy outdoor seating, their heated patio is a perfect spot for soaking in some pre-match vibes. Boasting numerous sports TVs and a good range of booze, this place is not to be missed. This is not suitable for away fans however, just Villans.

The Sacred Heart Club also serves food, so if you’re looking for pubs near Villa Park that offer quality food and a great atmosphere, the Sacred Heart Club is the place.

Sacred Heart Club, Witton Lane, Birmingham B6 6HN

the sacred heart club pubs near villa park

The Holte Club

Having undergone a £7 million transformation in 2007, the Holte Pub is no ordinary pub. I mean, just look at it. Doesn’t exactly scream match-day destination does it? But this place is open only on match-days! Located close to the stadium, The Hotle Club is no doubt one of the best pubs near Villa Park. They boast an impressive range of draught beers and ales – everything you could possibly need.

It’s even hosts live music and features multiple screens for football if you don’t manage to get a ticket to watch Villa. The Holte Pub truly stands out as one of the best Aston Villa pubs in Birmingham.

The Holte Pub, Trinity Road, Birmingham, B6 6HE


Enjoy drinking at pubs near Villa Park!

No matter which pub you choose to visit, it’s advisable to arrive early if you aim to secure a good spot. If you’re driving to Birmingham and are looking for somewhere to park,  make sure you check out our guide on the best parking near Villa Park here on Fan Lounge.


Where do away fans drink at Villa Park?

A: If you’re an away fan looking for pubs near Villa Park, we recommend heading to The Witton Arms, Witton Lane, Birmingham B6 6SN. The pub is located just by the away stand of Villa Park.

Can you take your own drinks into Villa Park?

A: No, Villa Park, like many stadiums, has policies against bringing your own drinks for safety and licensing reasons. It’s advisable to check the latest guidelines on the Aston Villa official website or directly contact them for the most accurate information here.

Where is the best place to park at Villa Park?

A: There are various parking options near Villa Park, including official stadium parking and local street parking. The availability and cost of these can vary on match days, so it’s recommended to research and potentially book in advance.

How much is a pint at Villa Park?

A: The standard price of a pint at Villa Park is £4.60.

Jacob Robinson is a lifelong Forest fan born and raised in Nottingham. Having experienced some of the best football stadiums, he aims to write accurate and resourceful information for travelling fans to ensure a smooth football away day experience.

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