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5 Best Pubs near Kenilworth Road | 2023/24 Fan Guide

pubs near Kenilworth Road - Luton Town Football Club

Welcome to our guide where we’ll be showcasing our top picks of the best pubs near Kenilworth Road, home to Luton Town Football Club. If you’re planning to catch a match at the stadium, you’ll definitely want to know the best places to grab a pint or two either before or after the game.

Luton, like many English towns, is known for its great selection of pubs, and we’ve done the research to bring you the top five in the vicinity of Kenilworth Road. So, whether you’re looking for a traditional British pub, a lively sports bar, or a cosy gastropub, our 2023 Hatters Fan Guide has your pre-match or post-match experience covered! So sit back and plan your perfect pub crawl with our guide to the best pubs near Kenilworth Road.

So, what are the best pubs near Kenilworth Road?

The Bricklayers Arms

Just a short walk from Kenilworth Road, you’ll find The Bricklayers Arms, a traditional pub that’s a firm favourite among Luton Town fans. This place is a real gem, offering a range of local ales that are sure to satisfy any beer enthusiast. And let’s not forget about their variety of match-day snacks – perfect for fuelling up before the game. The walls are covered with Luton Town memorabilia, and the atmosphere is always buzzing on match days. 

It’s a vibrant, lively spot that really captures the spirit of football. But be warned – it gets busy, so make sure you get there early to secure a good spot. I’ve been there a few times myself, and trust me, the atmosphere is great.

The Bricklayers Arms, 189 High Town Rd, Luton LU2 0BW

the bricklayers arms pubs near kenilworth road

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The Red Lion

The Red Lion, nestled in the heart of Luton, is a fantastic choice for both home and away fans. This traditional pub offers a great selection of beers and ales, as well as a menu of classic pub food. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, making it a great place to enjoy some pre-match banter with other fans.

It’s also conveniently located a short distance from Luton railway station, making it easily accessible for those travelling to the match. This would be our pick if you’re an away fan looking for some suitable pubs near Kenilworth road.

The Red Lion, 80 Castle St, Luton LU1 3AJ

the red lion luton

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The Painter's Arms

The Painters Arms, located right in the centre of Luton, is your go-to spot for those unpredictable rainy match days. With its vibrant indoor setting, this pub ticks all the boxes. Live sports, an impressive selection of drinks & food – what more could a football fan ask for?

 Plus, it’s situated right next to the Luton railway station, making it a handy spot for those heading to Kenilworth Road. It’s a real great choice to enjoy a pint and get in the mood for the match.

The Painters Arms, 79 High Town Rd, Luton LU2 0BW

the painters arms outside

The Castle

If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale before heading to Kenilworth Road, The Castle is a fantastic choice. They offer a great range of beers on tap alongside some delicious dishes. From traditional pub food to more exotic fare, there’s a dish for everyone here. And with plenty of sports TVs and an extensive range of drinks, there’s no reason to bypass this spot. It’s a bit more refined than your average football pub, but it still has that great match-day buzz.

The Castle, 1 Castle St, Luton LU1 3AA

the castle Luton

The White House

Last but not least, we have The White House. If you’re on the hunt for a place with a more traditional vibe before making your way to Kenilworth Road, this is the pub for you. They feature an extensive range of draught beers and a great selection of British classics. From traditional pub snacks to hearty main dishes, they cater to all tastes. 

With a good number of screens for sports and a comprehensive selection of drinks, there’s no reason not to drop by. It’s a real slice of traditional English pub culture, and a great place to soak up the pre-match atmosphere.

The White House, 1 Bridge St, Luton LU1 2HA


Enjoy drinking at the best pubs near Kenilworth Road!

So there you have it, our top picks for the best pubs near Kenilworth Road. Whether you’re a die-hard Luton Town fan or an away supporter, these pubs offer a fantastic match-day experience. From the traditional charm of The Bricklayers Arms to the friendly atmosphere of The Red Lion, there’s a pub for every kind of football fan.

Remember, no matter which pub you choose to visit, it’s advisable to arrive early if you aim to secure a good spot. And if you’re heading to Luton by car, make sure you check out our Luton Town parking guide here.


Where do Luton fans drink?

A: Luton fans have several favourite spots to grab a pint on match days. The Bricklayers Arms, The Painters Arms, The Castle, and The White House are all popular choices, each offering a unique atmosphere and a great selection of drinks. These pubs are known for their lively match-day buzz and are often filled with Luton Town fans before and after games.

What pubs are for away fans in Luton?

A: While many pubs in Luton welcome both home and away fans, The Red Lion is particularly known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere towards away fans. It’s always a good idea to check with the pub beforehand to ensure they’re accommodating away fans on the day of your visit. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the game and the pub experience, respecting all other fans and pub-goers.

Where to park for Kenilworth Road Luton?

A: Finding parking near Kenilworth Road on match days can be a bit of a challenge due to its residential location. However, there are several options available. There are a few pay-and-display car parks in the town centre, which is a short walk from the stadium. Alternatively, there are also some street parking options a bit further out. For a detailed guide on the best places to park on match days, be sure to check out our comprehensive Kenilworth Road Parking Guide here.

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