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5 Best Pubs near Bramall Lane for Supporters | Fan Guide

pubs near bramall lane

Looking for the best pubs near Bramall Lane? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a die-hard Sheffield United supporter or a visiting fan looking for a pre-match pint, this blog post will unveil the top local watering holes where you can enjoy a great atmosphere and fantastic beverages close to the stadium.

Get ready for a tour around the most beloved pubs in the heart of Sheffield! So, before we kick-off (excuse the pun), familiarise yourself with the location of Bramall Lane using the map below:

So, what are the best pubs near Bramall Lane?

Railway Hotel

As a Blades fan, one place you absolutely must visit is the Railway Hotel. Situated a stone’s throw from Bramall Lane, it’s a vibrant home to Sheffield United supporters. I found the beer garden above-par and the atmosphere electrifies on matchdays, it truly embodies the spirit of traditional British pubs.

There\s no better place to settle down in one of its cozy nooks and crannies with a pint of cask ale in hand. And for a unique twist, they’ve even got free old-school computer games to keep you entertained pre or post-match. There’s also some parking nearby, which you can check out in our Parking Near Bramall Lane Guide.

184 Bramall Ln, Highfield, Sheffield S2 4RF

bramall lane pub

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The Howard

As an avid away day fan, I know the importance of a good pub, and let me tell you, The Howard is a real winner! Located in the Sheffield city centre, just a 15-minute walk away from the stadium, it’s a haven for away supporters looking for a friendly atmosphere. I was blown away by the warmth of the staff, always greeting with bright smiles and a relaxed demeanor.

The bar itself is in a prime location, directly opposite the railway station, which makes it a breeze for anyone coming in for a game. Plus, their large menu and generous portions left me extremely satisfied. The Howard not only offers comfortable surroundings but a fabulous pre or post-match experience. Definitely one to check out.

Howard St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2LW

away pub bramall lane

Sheaf Pub

If you’re a Sheffield United supporter, you’ll love The Sheaf Pub. Nestled just a mere two-minute walk away from the stadium, its location is simply unbeatable for a pre-match pint.

I’ve always found a good atmosphere here, along with well-priced drinks that certainly add to the matchday experience. Not to forget, the beer garden at the back is an absolute gem – a nice space to bask in the game day excitement with fellow supporters. So, for all the Blades out there, this spot is definitely one to check out on your next matchday!

Sheaf House Hotel, 329 Bramall Ln, Highfield, Sheffield S2 4RH

Sheaf Pub

The Globe

As a football fan who loves a vibrant atmosphere and a good deal, The Globe quickly became one of my favourite spots in Sheffield. Situated about a 15-minute walk from the stadium in the city centre, it’s an easy go-to for away supporters. What really grabbed my attention were the fantastic beer prices, some of the best I’ve seen in the city centre.

Not to mention, the hosts are always so pleasant, adding to the overall positive vibe of the place. Plus, its convenient proximity to the train station is a major bonus for those travelling for the game. The Globe is not just a pub, it’s a celebration of football, community, and good times!

54 Howard St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2LX

The Globe

Golden Lion

I’d highly recommend The Golden Lion to all Sheffield United supporters. Just a brisk three-minute walk from the stadium, it’s a proper Blades pub with a true sense of community. The local crowd is always friendly, and the beer hits the mark both in taste and price.

On match day, the place buzzes with a unique energy that gets the heart racing and ready for the game. One of my favourite features? The big screen in the beer garden – an excellent spot to soak up the excitement. The Golden Lion isn’t just a great little pub, it’s a part of Sheffield United culture.

69 Alderson Rd, Highfield, Sheffield S2 4UB

Sheffield United Pub

Enjoy one of these pubs near Bramall Lane!

As we conclude our pub-crawl around Bramall Lane, we hope this guide has offered some stellar options for your next Premier League matchday drink. With a mix of classic pubs and modern bars, there’s truly a pint for every football fan in Sheffield.

So, I hope you enjoy your time at one of these pubs near Bramall Lane and enjoy the match!


What is the closest Wetherspoons to Bramall Lane Sheffield?

If you fancy a budget bar, The Sheaf Island is the closest Wetherspoons to the ground. Note, it does usually accept both home and away supporters.

Where do Sheffield United fans drink?

Sheffield United fans primarily drink at the pubs closest to the stadium, such as the Golden Lion and the Railway Hotel.

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