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5 Best Pubs Near Anfield Stadium | 2024 Supporters' Guide

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Looking for the Best Pubs Near Anfield stadium? Look no further! If you’re planning a trip to the iconic home of Liverpool FC and you fancy a pre-match pint, we’ve got you covered.

This guide lists our 5 favourite pubs, all within a short radius of the stadium. Whether you’re a home or away fan, there’s a pub in this list for you. Before we get into it, make sure to familiarise yourself with the location of Anfield below:

So, what are the best pubs near Anfield Stadium?

The Sandon

This ones for The Reds fans. The Sandon is as much a part of Liverpool’s history as Istanbul is… well, for the fans who like a drink anyway. Named the “birthplace of Liverpool FC”, it’s a mere 2-3 minute walk from the ground (perfect for if you’ve had one too many, we’ve all been there!).

The venue opens 3 hours before kick-off and does fill up extremely quickly. The Liverpool themed pub serve great food for if you fancy a bite to eat, alongside the usual draught beer lineup.

The Sandon, Liverpool, 178-182 Oakfield Road, L4 OUH

The Sandon Anfield Pub

The Arkles

Away fans, this is the spot to go too. At only a 5 minute walk away, this Greene King pub is one of the best places to eat near Anfield Stadium if you fancy some pre-match grub. As with every other Greene King, the menu is extensive and reasonably priced.

It’s also a common pub for Everton FC games, you can check out more pubs near Goodison park here.

Home fans also visit this pub, so if you enjoy some banter with opposition supporters, you’re in luck at The Arkles. I’ve personally visited The Arkles and it’s your classic away-day Greene King pub. I’d suggest arriving early if you’re looking to secure a seat as it does get extremely busy in here!

They show Sky & BT sport here, which is perfect if you enjoy watching the pre-match build up.

The Arkles, 77 Anfield Rd, Anfield, Liverpool L4 0TJ

Liverpool fan pub

Flat Iron

Flat Iron is another great option for the away supporters. It’s also a popular choice for Liverpool fans, however, unless it’s derby day, I’ve usually found both sets of fans to be well behaved here.

Showing live sport before and after the game, Flat Iron is one of the oldest pubs around – so if you like you’re pub traditional, this is the one to visit. It’s located on Walton Breck Road, which is a mere 5-10 minute walk from the ground.

Flat Iron, The Breckside, Walton Breck Rd, Anfield, Liverpool L4 0SY

away day pub anfield

The King Harry

If you’re a Liverpool fan who enjoys a pre-match sing, The King Harry is the place to be. It’s usually packed out on matchday with passionate Reds fans creating an electric atmosphere.

It also offers overnight accommodation for a reasonable price if you’re looking for a hotel in Liverpool. Overall, this is one of the best Liverpool FC pubs to get you in the mood pre-match. Good beer, even better atmosphere.

I’d once again recommend getting down here early, as it does get busy and occasionally a bit too crowded for my liking!

The King Harry, 55 Blessington Road, Everton, Liverpool, United Kingdom, L4 0RY

The king harry pub anfield

The Grove

If it’s a warm day (which I know isn’t too often in England), The Grove is the place to be. Located a bit further away from Anfield Stadium, at around a 10 minute walk, the large outdoor beer garden is an attractive prospect when the weather is nice.

With large TV screens showing the pre-match buildup, The Grove is popular among home fans, however, I’ve found the atmosphere to be welcoming to all supporters aslong as you’re well behaved and polite.

Due to it’s location closer to the City Centre, it’s an ideal choice if you’re heading to Anfield from that direction. If you’re travelling by car, be sure to check out our Anfield parking guide to help make matchday stress-free.

The Grove, 145 Breckfield Rd N, Liverpool L5 4QT

the grove near anfield pub

Enjoy one of these pubs near Anfield Stadium!

Whether you’re a home or away fan, visiting the Premier League giants Liverpool FC is sure to be an exciting day out (unless you’re team get battered). Check our our infographic below for our reviews of each pub! Make sure to head down and visit one of these pubs near Anfield Stadium. Above all, have a great day and stay safe!

best pubs near anfield stadium


Do I need a ticket to enter pubs around Anfield Stadium?

The majority of stadiums close to the ground require a matchday ticket to enter, especially if it is busy. However, The Grove does not require a ticket which makes it a great place to watch the match.

Are these pubs family-friendly?

It depends on the specific pub’s policy regarding age restrictions. Some pubs may allow children during certain hours or on certain days, while others may have a strict age limit. It’s best to check with each pub directly or visit their website for more information.

Are these pubs crowded on match day?

Yes, these pubs are likely to be crowded on match days, especially before and after the game. It’s advisable to arrive early or make a reservation if possible to secure a spot. Some pubs may also have a queuing system or operate on a one-in-one-out basis to manage the crowds.

Which pubs are best for away fans at Anfield?

If you’re an away fan, Flat Iron and The Arkles are the best pubs near Anfield for you. There may be a mix of home and away support here, best behaviour is recommended to avoid any conflict.

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