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Best Parking near West Ham Stadium in 2024 | Fan Guide

parking near west ham stadium

Navigating the challenge of finding parking near West Ham Stadium (London Stadium) can be a tough task, given its status as a public transportation destination with no official car park.

This makes match days quite the puzzle for those behind the wheel. However, fear not, as our comprehensive guide, built from my years of experience visiting the ground, is here to help you explore the best alternative parking options in the vicinity of this iconic venue.

So, before we kick-off, use the map below to familiarise yourself with the location of the London Stadium:

So, where is the best parking near West Ham Stadium?


As an avid user of JustPark for several years, I can vouch for its reliability. When planning a visit to a West Ham game at the London Stadium, you can utilise the JustPark website to specify the date and time you’ll require a parking space, and it will present you with a list of available spots, complete with price tags and distances from the stadium.

Though I sing praises for JustPark, do bear in mind that last-minute bookings can get pricey, with spaces reaching over £30, which might be a touch too steep for some (that’s London for you).

But, with a bit of forward planning, say a couple of weeks in advance, you can snag some quite reasonable deals. A friend of mine, a die-hard West Ham fan, swears by this website, calling it the best site for parking near the London Stadium.

📍 Distance to ground: Varies

💵 Average cost: £6.80

Book here

London stadium just park

Westfield Shopping Centre

If you prefer car parks which offer better security than online pre-booked car parking spaces, then Westfield Shopping centre is your best bet. I’ve parked here a few times over the years, for West Ham United games and for a bit of shopping.

Priced at £10 for a weekend Premier League game, it’s a reasonable price considering it’s only a 15 minute walk from the London Stadium. There’s also some great football pubs en-route which you can check out (perfect if you love a pre-match pint like me!).

So, if you’re travelling to the West Ham Olympic Stadium, this is a great shout. If you arrive a few hours early, then it’s an even better choice. There’s some great food options around and you can always check out the shops if you’ve got some time to kill. Beware, it does fill up quickly on match day so arrive here early.

Montfichet Rd, London E20 1EJ

Need last minute Premier League tickets for this weekend? Don’t stress! Book them here.

West Ham Stadium Parking


Similar to JustPark, YourParkingSpace is an online booking service. Residents around your desired area list their driveways or parking spots that you can book ahead of match day.

From my experience, I’ve found it’s a pretty good website to use if you’re looking to book ahead of time. There’s usually a lot of available spots in the surrounding areas of the ground.

However, prices can get steep (London tax and all that) so I’d recommend booking as early as possible before the residents realise you’re booking for a Premier League match and hike the prices up!

My top tip for this site would be to double check the spot before booking it, make sure it’s not located in an area where streets will be closed due to the game. More information about road closures can be found here.

London Stadium Your Parking Space

Stratford multi-storey car park

With over 430 parking spaces, including 25 disabled spots, Stratford Multi-storey car park is located around a 20 minute walk from the West Ham United Stadium.

In terms of security and accessibility, I don’t think this car park can be beat. I’ve used it a couple times and have never had any problems. They charge £9.20 for 4 hours, which should cover you for the duration of the game and a little bit more.

However, I found the spaces to be pretty tight, so if you are driving a larger car, I’d recommend either arriving early to find the perfect space or choosing elsewhere.

Service Rte No 1, London E15 1XE

Car Park near West Ham Stadium

Street Parking near West Ham Stadium

As with every other fixture in London, finding street parking near the London Stadium will be a difficult task. If you’re looking to be as close to the stadium as possible, you’ll have to get ahold of a parking permit for the roads nearby.

Some people offer these out for match days on Facebook Supporter Groups, or alternatively as around your friends and family. I’d personally say to try avoid street parking near the London Stadium, you don’t want to leave it to chance and not secure a spot before the match.

london stadium parking

Public Transport

I know you’ve clicked onto this blog because you’re looking to head to the stadium by car, but I’d strongly recommend making the most of public transport on your journey to the Hammer’s stadium.

Even if that means parking near a station and then hopping on the tube for 20 minutes to Stratford. London parking can be a nightmare, especially on matchdays. So I’d always recommend to avoid it where possible!

If you don’t mind the public transport option, you can find out some more information on tube lines and parking here.

Stratford Tube Station

Goodluck with your Parking near West ham Stadium!

So, if you’re heading to the London Stadium for a West Ham United match, using one of these parking spots is probably your best bet for a stress-free experience.

Above all, have a great time at the match and stay safe. Goodluck with your parking near West Ham stadium!


Where is the best place to park near London Stadium?

My personal favourite spot to park near the London Stadium is Westfield Shopping Centre. It’s a short 15 minute walk from the stadium and offers secure parking for a reasonable price.

Which Westfield car park is best for Olympic stadium?

Statford Westfield is the closest to the stadium. It has over 5000 spaces so you can usually find a spot on match day if you arrive early.

Does West Ham station have a car park?

Pevensey & Westham Station car park is at your service if you’re keen on pre-booking your parking sessions, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Which tube stop is best for West Ham stadium?

Stratford Station is the closest station to the West Ham Station. It’s around a 15 minute walk from the ground, making it your best bet if you’re travelling by train.

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