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5 Best Parking near Turf Moor Spots | Fan Guide

parking near turf moor

Nothing compliments the excitement of a matchday better than a stress-free start to the proceedings, and that’s exactly what we’re focusing on in this parking near Turf Moor guide.

In an effort to significantly streamline your footballing adventures, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most convenient, secure, and accessible parking options in close proximity to Turf Moor, the iconic home ground of Burnley FC.

So, before we get into it, familiarise yourself with the location of Turf Moor using the map below:

So, what are the best parking near Turf Moor spots?

Masonic Hall

Like many other Premier League teams, Burnley have partnered with EST to provide a bookable parking experience when visiting Turf Moor Stadium. This is an extremely popular choice for fans which will set you back £7.50.

Masonic Hall is located just a 10 minute walk away from the stadium. I’ve parked here a few times and it’s also been quick and efficient – getting away from it wasn’t too bad either. Follow the link below to book your space – I’d advise booking early as it does fill up quick due to being the official car park.

There’s also some great pubs en-route to the ground from here, which you can check out in our Turf Moor Pubs Guide.

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Burnley FC car park


JustPark are an online booking system which show you available spaces around your desired location. These spaces range from peoples driveways to inside car parks themselves.

I’ve personally used JustPark for years now and never had a problem, so I’d definitely recommend checking it out. My top tip would be to, once again, book your space in advance to secure the best price possible. You can check JustPark out using the link below. The average price will be between £5-£15.

📍 Address: Varies

⏱️ Distance to ground: Varies

💵 Average cost: £7.50

🗓️ Opening hours: N/A

Book here

JustPark Turf Moor

Reel Cinemas

Located slightly further away from Turf Moor at around a 20 minute walk, Reel Cinemas is one of my favourite spots for parking. This is mainly due to it’s location.

Despite being situated slightly further away from the ground, it provides an easy escape after the ground due to being located closer to the motorway. It’s also the most budget-friendly option on our list – coming in at just £2 for parking. I’d definitely check this one out, especially for away fans looking for parking at Turf Moor.

Reel Cinemas Burnley, Manchester Rd, Burnley BB11 2EG

away fan parking burnley fc

Burnley Cricket Club

Burnley Cricket Club parking is another popular choice for away supporters visiting Turf Moor. It’s located extremely close to the ground, at around only a 2 minute walk away. It’s also not a car park that’s going to break the bank, priced at just £5.

I found the only downside is the post-match traffic, which is worse if you’re travelling home defeated. However, if you’re quick after the full-time whistle you can usually avoid most the hassle. There’s only a small number of spots here so I would recommend getting down early.

Burnley Cricket Club, Turf Moor, Belvedere Road, Burnley BB10 4BN

Burnley Cricket Club

Woodgrove Car Park Burnley

Last but certainly not least, this car park is another one recommended by the club themselves. Located just a 5 minute walk from the ground, it holds up to 200 cars.

It’ll set you back around £5 for matchday parking, which all-in-all isn’t too bad. I’ve personally parked here once or twice and never had any problems. As with all the other car parks in this Turf Moor Parking list, I would recommend arriving here early to avoid disappointment.

Woodgrove Car Park Towneley Park, Burnley, BB10 3RQ

Woodgrove Car Park

Goodluck with your parking near Turf Moor!

Navigating matchday parking near Turf Moor has never been easier, thanks to our in-depth guide. We believe that football should be all about the thrill of the game, not the hassle of parking.

So, utilise our tips for a more seamless, enjoyable matchday experience, and focus on what truly matters – the beautiful game.


Where is the best place to park at Turf Moor?

Masonic Hall is the rated the best place to park at Turf Moor among fans. You can book a space here through the official Burnley FC parking website.

Where do you park at Turf Moor for away fans?

Reel Cinemas and Burnley Cricket Club are popular places to park at Turf Moor among away supporters, they are reasonably priced and close to the ground.

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