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5 Invaluable Pieces of Football Away Days Advice 2024

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If you’re a fan planning football away days trips, it’s important to prepare carefully. To help you make the most of your experience, we’ve put together a list of 5 pieces of football away days advice.

These tips cover everything from travel arrangements to matchday etiquette, so you can enjoy a memorable and satisfying experience while supporting your team away from home. Whether you’re a Tottenham Hotspur or Notts County fan, these tips are sure to help!

Football away days advice

So, what are our Top 5 Pieces of Football Away Days Advice?

Plan Travel Arrangements in Advance

It is important to plan your travel arrangements well in advance for a successful football away day. This helps you secure affordable transportation options like car, bus, or train and ensures that you reach the stadium on time.

Arriving late for the match can be frustrating and disappointing, and you may miss out on pre-match activities like visiting local pubs. To enjoy a stress-free and smooth away day, plan your travel ahead of time and avoid unnecessary stress.

Traffic for Premier League fixtures can be terrible, whether it’s Manchester City vs Manchester United or a two teams in the relegation zone. So always leave yourself a few hours just in case!

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Dress Appropriately

To fully enjoy your football away day, it’s important to dress appropriately for the weather and occasion. This will increase your comfort level throughout the day, especially during extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, it’s crucial to consider the dress code of the home team’s supporters to show respect and avoid any conflicts. By dressing appropriately, you can blend in with the locals and have a more immersive experience as a visiting fan.

I’ve travelled to over 150 away days and my best tip for you would be to not wear your teams colours until you’re inside the stadium, especially if it’s derby day. This will reduce the risk of you being in any conflict. Many fans travel in groups, which is your best bet to stay safe

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Respect Local Customs & Matchday Etiquette

When going to a football away day, it’s vital to respect local customs and matchday etiquette. Each football club and country has its unique traditions and expectations, so it’s necessary to research and comprehend them before the game to prevent misunderstandings or conflicts.

You should adhere to stadium rules, show respect towards the home team’s fans, and refrain from using any offensive language or committing provocative acts. By following local customs and matchday etiquette, you can help promote a friendly and welcoming environment and focus on the football!

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Snacks For The Journey

To have a successful football away day, make sure to stay hydrated and bring snacks for the journey. This is particularly important if you will be travelling for a considerable amount of time, regardless of your mode of transportation and the distance of your journey.

Bringing enough water and snacks is vital to keep your energy levels up and prevent dehydration, especially if you plan to drink alcohol during the game. Also, football away grounds are always expensive, so you can save yourself so money bringing your own food and drink.

I’ve made this mistake many time. There’s nothing worse than being sat on a coach starving for hours. Proper hydration and nourishment can also help you avoid exhaustion and sickness, allowing you to fully appreciate the matchday experience.

football fan snacks

Keeping Valuables Safe & Secure

When going on a football away day, it is essential to keep your valuable belongings safe and secure. Unfortunately, pickpocketing and theft are frequent in crowded places, including stadiums.

To prevent such incidents, it is necessary to keep your phone, wallet, and other valuables out of sight and secure. This can be accomplished by using a bag with a zipper or wearing a money belt. By following these safety measures, you can have a stress-free and pleasant football away day without worrying about any potential theft.

Safe travel bag for football fans

I hope this Football Away Days Advice helps!

To have a great experience supporting your team on football away days in 2023, remember to follow these five important tips.

By following these tips, you will have an enjoyable and hassle-free time while making unforgettable memories. And most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe and fully immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of an away day.

Joe Robinson is a lifelong Manchester United fan with a passion for football and discovering new stadiums. He's a seasoned away day visitor who has extensive knowledge of football-related matters, including food, facilities, and parking arrangements.

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